Unbelievable Facts That You Don’t Know About Dogs!

Woof woof! Here are some interesting facts about dogs!

1. When female dogs likes to play with both genders, male dogs likes to hang out with female dogs.

2. On average, city dogs have longer lifespan than country dogs.

3. Believe it or not, dogs dream as well. Small dogs have more dreams than big dogs, but big dogs’ dreams last longer.

4. Dogs have four times better hearing compared to human.

5. Dogs have 40 times better smelling compared to human.

6. Just like humans, dogs are right or left handed.

7. There are estimate 400 million dogs worldwide.

8. Dogs sweat between their paws.

9. Dogs can detect change of weather long before we can.

10. Puppies are born blind, deaf and also toothless!



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